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Lebanese troops fire on IAF jets – are we heading towards another war?


Officials: Lebanese troops fired on IAF jets – Israel News, Ynetnews

I bet the MSM will remain quiet over the fact that Lebanese troops, (probably ones not loyal to the government but to Nasrallah) fired upon Israeli aircraft doing routine reconnaissance. This might be a situation that needs to be watched more carefully because it could signal another “war”, and yes Syria and her master Iran want that war to take place.


Pulling the strings of the Dhimmicrats

I have to admit that Dr. Sanity never ceases to amaze when it comes to some of the really great articles that she finds, and this one is no exception. Now I am not an American, but that does not mean that I am not interested in the race to become the next President of the USA. Personally, I think that neither Hillary Clinton nor Barak Obama are worthy candidates. Where Hilary is concerned, well I see her as a scheming hard hearted female dog. As far as Barak Obama is concerned, he has been shooting off at the mouth too much. The Democrats need stronger contenders, people who can be trusted to have more concern about the American people than their own selfish pursuits for power, Hilary Clinton style (stepping off soap box to continue with the purpose of this post):

If any of my readers are familiar with the movie Chicago, then you will remember the scene where the lawyer does a quick step two step as he pulls the strings and manipulates the press gallery. It is a really great scene because the reporters are well and truly manipulated by the smoke and mirrors that are being flashed before them as they accept hook, line and sinker the tale that is being fed to them, as to why Roxie shot her lover. It is with this imagery in mind that I have given Dr. Sanity’s article my own title since I think that it is quite fitting to point out how the Dhimmicrats are being manipulated by the Islamist propagandists:


One of the definitions of the word dummy is “a large puppet usually having movable features (as mouth and arms) manipulated by a ventriloquist”. Of course, it also is a word that means “a stupid person”.
Per Robert Spencer, Dhimmitude is the status that Islamic law (i.e., Sharia) mandates for non-Muslims, primarily Jews and Christians. Dhimmis, “protected” or “guilty” people, are free to practice their religion in a Sharia regime, but are made subject to a number of humiliating regulations designed to enforce the Qur’an’s command that they “feel themselves subdued” (Sura 9:29). This denial of equality of rights and dignity remains part of the Sharia, and, as such, are part of the legal superstructure that global jihadists are laboring through violence to restore everywhere in the Islamic world, and wish ultimately to impose on the entire human race

Both sets of definitions apply to today’s Democratic leadership when it comes to their foreign policy positions regarding the war on terror.

Here is an extremely interesting bit of writing by Tariq Alhomayed, the editor of Asharq Alawsat, an international Arabic daily newspaper, who catalogs Iran’s many efforts to destablize the region and accumulate power to itself. In “Washington and Tehran: Negotiating Over What?”, Alhomayed says:

US Democratic candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have expressed their intention to engage in “unconditional negotiations” with Iran, should either of them attain the presidency. The question is: Negotiate over what?
Are the conflicts in the Middle East a result of a crisis in Washington-Tehran relations; or rather, does it revolve around Iran’s expansion ambitions and its interference in the internal affairs of Arab states for over 20 years?
Is the Washington-Tehran crisis a result of the absence of dialogue, or is it by reason of Iran’s aspirations to destabilize the region?

The list he makes is rather impressive. Iran has

  • Occupied the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) islands in the Arabian Gulf
  • tearing Beirut in half, while seeking to restore Syrian occupation over it, under Iranian guardianship
  • Tehran occupies the heart of Iraq and its peripheries and is undertaking unbelievable actions through its men operating within the regime.
  • the financial backbone of Hamas and now speaks on behalf of the Palestinian cause
  • fueling public opinion in Iran and steering it towards hostility with the US. Today, it is this same Arab Street card that the Iranians exploit to recruit suicide bombers and sympathizers.
  • interferes in all the Arab world’s elections by pumping huge sums of money with the purpose of imposing a different reality than the existing one; the most prominent example of which is the Bahraini elections.
  • embraces some of Al Qaeda’s leadership and
  • is disrupting relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • is instigating and managing sectarian conflicts in the Arab world, which results in giving conflicts in the region a religious cover. This, in turn, has caused the region to drown in a sea of spilled blood
  • seeks to acquire nuclear weapons, while preparing to wholly devour Iraq with the aid of one of its tools: Syria.

  • Alhomayed concludes with a blistering denunciation of the Democratic leadership in the U.S. who is sending the wrong–in fact, the worst possible, message to Tehran:

    The strange thing is that at a time when international efforts are being made to establish an international coalition against Iran’s pursuit for nuclear weapons, the Democrats are waving the carrot before Tehran. As such, Iran will surely interpret the message as an invitation to consolidate position on the ground and in the region until the Democrats reach power, after which it can negotiate with Washington from a position of power.

    The Dummycrats Dhimmicrats Democrats are sending a strong message of appeasement that only encourages the brutal forces that stand against human freedom and wish to enslave mankind. These barbarians intend to herd humanity back to the “idyllic” days of the middle ages and toward another holocaust and world war to achieve their apocalyptic vision.

  • The Democratic Party of FDR and JFK would have understood this reality; but the party of Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Obama et al, are oblivious.

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  • Dummies or Dhimmis? Or both? You decide.
    That is why they cannot and should not gain the White House in 2008.
  • Why is the MSM allowing Hezbollah Anti-Semitic Propaganda?

    with thanks to Gateway Pundit
    Anti-Semitic Hezbollah Propaganda or News? You Be the Judge

    Gateway Pundit: Anti-Semitic Hezbollah Propaganda or News? You Be the Judge
    Some crackpots believe that Iranian President Ahmadinejad did not call for wiping Israel off the map but that it was just some mistake in translation.

    An Iranian holds a “wipe off Israel” poster during an anti-Israel rally on Friday Oct. 28, 2005 in Tehran. (AP)
    Author Barry Rubin examines the anti-Semitic propaganda in the Western media that is disguised as news today in his article at GLORIA Center:
    He identifies bias on university campuses where for example the former president of Harvard was uninvited by the University of California because of his political views. He also points to the group of former terrorists who want to speak about their experiences being excluded or barred from more than one American University Campus. To this I would add the pressure that was being exerted to prevent a former Dutch politician and Somali refugee from speaking in Australia.
    The same kind of biases are occurring in the mainstream media, especially the print media:

    So should what seem to be lies and those who seem to be crackpots (at least on the particular points they are making) be given space? Should newspapers give their readers a sense that the Iranian president did not call for destroying Israel but that it was just some mistake in translation? (Despite the fact that the official Iranian translation of his words was ?wiping Israel off the map??) Should Hamas be given space for op-eds crafted by public relations operatives claiming moderation? Should easily demonstrable lies be published about Israel committing various massacres and other blood libels?

    What has been occurring is that the boundaries have eroded, and where the media used to not give space to Arab propaganda, the publishers are now allowing the publication of inciteful, false anti-Semitic screeds.
    However, what can one believe when the print media (via AP of course) allow the following article by Sam Ghattas to be published:
    All of this is leading up to Sam F. Ghattas, AP, ?Hezbollah Blames Israel for Killings,? October 5, 2007.
    Hizballah?s leader blames Israel for the series of assassinations of anti-Syria, anti-Hizballah politicians. “`The hand that is killing is Israel’s,? Nasrallah told thousands of supporters who occasionally interrupted his speech with roars of approval.? No information is given in the article that would lead a reader to believe that these are pitiful lies. (They are pitiful because Hizballah waited so long to make them. In the old days they would have been blaming Israel within hours of the killings and all Arab media would have been duty-bound to repeat them.)
    So is this news?
    And by the way the article concludes:
    ?The gathering by several thousand Hezbollah supporters was organized by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah to mark `Al-Quds Day,? or Jerusalem Day, in support of Palestinian rights and emphasizing the importance of Jerusalem to Muslims.? So that?s what the demonstration was about? I thought it was about equating Israel with Satan, preaching hatred of the United States, and demanding that Israel be wiped from the pages of history. Perhaps my conclusions were all a mistake in translation and it was a human rights demonstration. Or, again, this is what readers might think. There is more on this anti-Semitic Hezbollah propaganda at the GLORIA Center.

    More thoughts from Dr. Sanity

    I have more than 30 articles from the Dr. Sanity blog that I have earmarked for further reading. The reason that I like her blog is that she has a way of writing her thoughts in a very clear and sobering fashion.  In this article, Dr. Sanity visits again the reason why we cannot afford to dismiss the threat the is posed by extremist regimes such as that found in Iran and why we should not allow the cry of Islamophobe deter us from telling the truth and getting the message out there.

    We should remain ever vigilant that Ahmanutjob’s regime is attempting to acquire nuclear weapon capability. We should remain aware that al-Qaeda have been seeking the means to get hold of a weapon that will cause mass destruction to the USA. We cannot dismiss the fact that North Korea and Syria have been working together to produce nuclear weapons. This is a very sad reality of what we are facing in the 21st century.

    I happen to think that Ahmanutjob of Iran is insane. However, it is also clear to me that he has a vision where he sees Iran being instrumental in causing Armageddon, which will then usher in the return of the hidden imam (according to Shiite beliefs). The insanity of this man is matched by the insanity of Hitler. In fact he uses much of the kind of rhetoric that was used by Hitler during the 1930s, and this makes him an extremely dangerous man on the world stage.

    The kind of charisma that Ahmanutjob has amongst some of the world’s powers and populations (not so much in Iran as elsewhere) means that there are millions who are willing to follow his lead and they are willing to follow unto the death, including their participation in an Armageddon type event.

    A more sobering thought for me though, comes from some of the more recent statements and actions of Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. It seems that now that the cold war is “over” that people have forgotten how to be cautious where communist Russians are concerned. Vladimir Putin is an extremely dangerous man and he has been courting the likes of Ahmanutjob and he has been supplying Russian weapons to Syria and to the Hezbollah, as well as to Al-Qaeda and other enemies of the USA. (The book 1984 was indeed very prophetic on the subject of wars and so called peace).  Keep in mind that the Soviet Union has the nuclear technology capability and that Putin is the kind of person who would willingly either sell or give away that technology in order to harm the western world (not just the USA).