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Should Shirley sue Andy? Smearing the TEA movement pt 3

I have been reading with interest the tale of the bigotry of Shirley Sherrod.  Andrew Breitbart was sent a video clip showing an Obummer appointee, Shirley Sherrod speaking at an NAACP event. In the clip Sherrod mentioned her own attitude to “whitey” and how she had refused to help a white farmer, then thought better of her actions. It sounds like a redemption story. Yet there are some stings in this story that do in fact highlight Sherrod the Marxist continues with her bigotry against Whites even though she claims a different ending to the story.

Why did Andrew Breitbart release the tape? Was it to point the finger at Shirley Sherrod? Or was it to show how the NAACP were in fact the bigots when they sat and cheered as Shirley Sherrod related her story of treating a white farmer in a bigoted fashion? First of all, I think that the latter is the case, and that Sherrod was not the highlight of Breitbart’s story, although certainly many people who viewed the clip certainly thought that she remained a bigot. Now why was that? I will get to that in a moment. Second, Andrew Breitbart is not responsible for the reactions that came from the NAACP or from Sherrod’s boss in the White House. No one should have forced Sherrod to resign.  They reacted stupidly… and yes that goes all the way up the chain.

Now the thing is when the clip is viewed in context Sherrod made statements that proved she is a liar with regard to her redemption story. For starters she went on a Bush rant… it seems Shirley has a really severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome, a disease that is rampant amongst members of the current White House Regime. In fact BDS is so bad and viral amongst the members of the Regime that I believe that they all need a permanent rest from their jobs.  Then Sherrod made statements regarding the TEA movement that were nothing more than a smear – a blatant lie. In this case Sherrod made untrue statements about the opposition to the health legislation that I term Abominablecare. Sherrod, like all of the other Marxist members of the White House regime persists with the lie that the protests were about skin colour, when in fact that was never the case.

Immediately after the release of the tape, Shirley’s boss forced her to resign. Was that Andrew Breitbart’s fault? I do not think so. She was forced to resign because the White House regime over-reacted. From here the story gets very murky. Sherrod then turned around and started blaming FOX news for her forced resignation, as well as blaming Andrew Breitbart. Yet, it seems that Sherrod does not blame herself for her own bigotry and racism.

It is statements like: “He spoke to me in a way that showed he thought himself superior” (or words to that effect) that in fact show that Sherrod was in fact being racist towards the white farmer. It shows that she had not changed. Yet the story that Sherrod told ended with her statement about how she realized that the way forward was to help the poor against those bad rich dudes…. sounds like class warfare, eh Shirley?

Since Sherrod did not shut up, and since she has been running around stating that she should sue Andrew Breitbart, it might be interesting to look at Sherrod’s background with litigation, and oh boy, what a background!!  Shirley Sherrod and her husband started up a co-operative type farming community. She and her husband purchased the land, and yes eventually they were unable to pay back the loans and yes they lost the farm. Sherrod and her husband were involved in what is known as the Pigford case. They sued independently from the class action and won more than $13 million plus $300,00 for “pain and suffering”. It seems Shirley has enriched herself on the taxpayer dime. So it seems that our Shirley the bigot, sued the government and won her case, and then she was offered a job by the Regime.

If it had not been for Shirley Sherrod shooting herself in the foot by continuing to shoot off her bigoted mouth, I would have felt sorry for the woman because of the way she was forced to resign, but the more I find out about this bigot, the less that I feel any form of empathy with her, especially when she has so deliberately maligned others, and has even gone as far as demanding that Andrew Breitbart’s sites are closed down….

Sorry Shirley, old girl, but that kind of demand infringes on the free speech rights of others. I guess since you Shirley happen to be a Marxist, you do not believe that others have a right to that free speech.