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Proof that TSA is useless and ineffective

Time to sue the TSA every time they treat people this way

I was just guided to this particular video. There is something wrong about the way in which the woman traveller was treated.  It also shows that having the TSA at airports is a waste of time and of money.

The TSA has not stopped one single terrorist. On the other hand they have taken delight in harassing innocent people.

As I watched this video I found myself turning the air blue in my anger about how this woman was treated.

Nobody succeeded in getting bombs on board an aircraft using baby formula. Also, it is highly unlikely that a Caucasian woman who is pregnant and who has a one year old child is likely to want to blow up an aircraft on a domestic flight. If profiling was in place then there would be no need to even question her motives.

To have placed the woman in isolation, then leave her standing there when she is pregnant (and she could have fainted from being on her feet like that) was truly shocking. To disregard TSA’s own rules about breast milk being medical liquid was disgusting. Sending the police officer to harass her was even worse.  On top of that these creeps made her miss her flight.

It is time that the TSA were put back in the bottle. Their power and authority needs to be curbed – the sooner, the better.


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