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How to thwart a terrorist plot–alternate title: Terrorist plot in Belgium unravels

CNN reports that 11 would be terrorists have been arrested for plotting a terror attack in Belgium. Were these would be terrorists caught as they went through security at some obscure airport in the USA? No!!!  The TSA has not been able to thwart one single terror attack.

So let me look at the facts on how these terrorists were found:

  • they were involved in an online plot;

The suspects were using a jihadist website to plan an attack on an unspecified target, police said.

It was “clear to us that the target was Belgian soil, just not clear enough to say where and when,” Belgian public prosecutor Lieve Pellens told CNN.

  • Seven of the arrests were in Antwerp, Belgium and the remainder were arrested in Aachen Germany plus the Netherlands. They were Belgian, Dutch, Moroccan and Chechen.

Those darned Lutherans seem to be getting into more and more mischief these days!! Actually, I wonder what these people have in common. Let me see: Moroccan and Chechen. Well I am actually betting that they are not Jews, Christians, Hindu, Buddhist or Atheists. Now what does that leave? They were using a jihadist website… hint, hint….

A senior European counter-terrorism official told CNN that members of the group arrested in Antwerp, and their associates in Germany and the Netherlands, had discussed targeting Jews in Belgium as well as NATO vehicles in the country. However, officials say no specific targets appear to have been identified.

Can anyone else see the pattern that is emerging? Those Belgians and Dutch citizens who were arrested were they by chance immigrants from say Morocco or Afghanistan, or maybe even Bosnia? Just asking.

So, if these plotters were not picked up by TSA screening, how is it that they were arrested? We all know that this TSA screening and the use of techniques that require the handling of the more intimate parts of our bodies is so very necessary to capture these people… NOT.  Well here is how the Europeans have once again foiled a terrorist plot:

  • Belgian authorities tracked the activities of the group through wiretaps…. (ooh hear those American lefties scream about using wire taps).
  • Belgian authorities are investigating links between the members of the Antwerp group and Sharia4Belgium, a Belgian Islamist organization.
  • An investigation into the financing of a Chechen terror organization has been going on since late 2009.

Well… guess it was not the Lutherans after all… It was in fact the usual suspects… Islamists.

As well as the group that has been arrested, there have also been further arrests in Spain, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. Can anyone say Al Qaeda is behind the exposed plot?

At the same time there is a second police operation targeting terrorist suspects in Brussels. The police have visited 15 locations in Brussels as a part of the continuing investigation into a terrorist cell linked with Bassam Ayachi, a French citizen who was detained in Italy in 2008.  This upstanding French immigrant citizen was head of the Belgian Islamic Centre, based in Molenbeek in Belgium. One of the people being investigated has been to Iraq to engage in jihadist activities and returned to Belgium two years ago….

What this shows is that the best way to stop the terrorists is always to be proactive. This involves wiretaps etc., and yes it is targeted investigations where there is no fear of profiling that nets the perpetrators before they have the opportunity to carry out their plots.


8 responses to “How to thwart a terrorist plot–alternate title: Terrorist plot in Belgium unravels

  1. FeralCat November 24, 2010 at 10:04 am

    Good satire! And informative too. Too bad posting personal blogs on AT is against the rules.

  2. zmalfoy November 25, 2010 at 7:24 am

    Wait, wait . . .hold up . . .do you mean to suggest using (*gasp!*) probable cause to search and discover Bad Guys? Like monitoring Bad Guy Hangouts to see who goes there, and then watching what those people do later?


    ummm, . . . /sarc, of course, lol.

    • Maggie November 25, 2010 at 8:42 am

      yes… and monitoring their online activity.

      The FBI has been doing a brilliant job with their undercover work. I was very impressed with their use of Acme components. In fact that one had me laughing for a long time… ACME is the company of choice used by the Roadrunner.

      What the FBI has been doing works… and they get results. They have been very successful in thwarting a number of terrorist plots, especially plots in New York city.

      The TSA regulations are reactive and they are useless. They have not managed to thwart one single terrorist.

      • GracieD November 25, 2010 at 10:08 am

        Good job Maggie! If the TSA had as much common sense as you do, we would not have to worry about being groped or going through a machine that takes naked x-rays and does not actually catch terrorists. Sorry about the run on. 😀

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  4. suz November 25, 2010 at 8:09 am

    Great research and commentary. Keep up the good work!

  5. Buck O'Fama November 25, 2010 at 8:54 am

    But.. but… but.. wiretaps are a violation of civil rights! Frisking three-year-olds is not! I’ll get back to you later with the logic behind this after I speak with party headquarters. (Hint: Bush did one of these so it’s BAD!)

    • Maggie November 25, 2010 at 9:13 am

      ooh very funny and yes I have seen the little trolls elsewhere making the “Bush did it” comments.

      Even more absurd though are the ones who leave a comment like “then don’t fly”…. In that case I would have to swim if I wanted to get to America!!! They are just so stupid.. they do not get it.

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