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Smearing the TEA movement pt 2

Whilst this particular story does not involve the TEA movment, it does involve the modis operandi of the left when it comes to smearing people who do not agree with their point of view. This is a second case where there has been a death, involving either murder or suicide. The first case brought to my attention involved a man in Kentucky who had worked as a part-time census worker. This case is set in Monroe County Tennessee.

Jim Miller was a Republican and his body was found in the back of a burning car. The smear involves two men, Darren Huff and Walter Fitzpatrick who are apparently involved in RAP.  Fitzpatrick and Huff have recently been arrested and arraigned in relation to their attempt to do a citizen’s arrest of the foreman of the Grand Jury.  It is not in the slightest bit clear why they would have been involved in the death of Mr. Miller, but it seems two Progressives (Marxists) by the name of Eugene and Jean Gibson have been amongst the first to attempt to smear Fitzpatrick and Huff for this particular murder. On top of that they have also attempted to smear another man by the name of Leo H, also from Tennessee, but who lives nowhere near the murder victim.

The last time that the left attempted to do the smear like this, it was in Kentucky where a man was found on the ground after hanging himself. In that case the left got really busy and attempted to smear not just the TEA movement but also Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. The way that this smear works is that the perpetrators were supposed to have been those who listen to Rush, Glenn and Sean, and therefore these three have blood on their hands…. well it seems even after it was determined that the man did in fact commit suicide, the left have learned nothing because they are at it once again with their smears.

The left did the same thing over the cop-killer Kane family. The left wing bloggers at Huffington post and elsewhere attempted to make the connection between the Kanes and listening to Rush Limbaugh without one shred of evidence that Jerry Kane ever listened to Limbaugh on the radio. It was just the journolist writers doing what they were told – smear Rush at every opportunity.  Once they try to tie in Rush, they usually turn their attention to the TEA movement, making up stories about those who have attended such protests, treating them as racists etc.  These bloggers will just make it up so that they can try to get their point across to their gullible readers.

Just like the Kentucky case though, there is more to the story than meets the eye. So far there does not seem to be any evidence that either Fitzpatrick or Huff had anything to do with the death of Jim Miller. On the other hand, what has come to light is that a Deputy Police Officer has been stood down from his job pending the investigation of the death of Jim Miller.

My point in bringing up the story is that the left wing Bobots did not waste time attempting to smear some people who are if anything, very misguided in what they are doing. By trying to pin the murder on these people, these same Obots are also attempting, by the use of guilt association to smear members of the TEA movement, even though the TEA movement has nothing to do with the death of Jim Miller, let alone having anything to do with the lunacy of the Restore America Plan.


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