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Smearing the TEA movement Part 1

The TEA movement is a movement of American citizens who are concerned about government taking over their lives. The acronym TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. These folks are not anti-government, but they are against big government, and that includes government owning car manufacturers, plus taking over government health insurance as well as hospitals etc. In future posts I hope to look more closely at the concerns of these people and the manner in which the Obama regime and their cohorts have been smearing the TEA movement. This hopefully will include looking at the racist NAACP resolution that has smeared the TEA movement as racist (rather hypocritical of the NAACP in my opinion). The main thrust of this post, however, is to examine the case of the death of father and son cop-killers Jerry and Joseph Kane.

There is in the USA a movement known as “We the People” and there are “Patriots”. Most conservative Americans (Republican and Democrat) identify themselves as Patriots. In some circles, though “patriot” has a different meaning. It is also how the left has attempted to smear the TEA movement as being part and parcel of an extreme group known as Sovereign Citizens, who are involved amongst other things in the Restore America Plan (R.A.P.)  The deaths of Jerry and Joseph Kane were seen as another opportunity of the left to smear people such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative voices,  as well as smearing Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the Libertarian movement, as well as the TEA movement.

I first read about the Kanes when the incident occurred, but in my view, I dismissed the whole event as that of cop killers getting what they deserved. In recent days, during my reading of a blog known as Citizen Wells, a commenter started posting claims that the Kanes were “murdered” or “assassinated”, which is pretty strong language, and also incorrect because only a leader of a country such as the President of France, or the Queen of England can be assassinated. However, this reader was producing “facts” based on misinformation and doctored video tapes. The disinformation regarding the incident is rather interesting. When I spoke up stating the obvious that the Kanes were cop killers the person went into a melt down, calling me a “liar” and a “big fat liar” because I pointed to the media stories about the case, including a video clip that came from the police car that actually showed the boy, Joseph Kane using the AK-47 and killing the two policemen. Needless to say, I am not backing down on my statement that Jerry and Joseph Kane were cop killers.

A search on Google and Bing search engines will bring up posts from Huffington Post, as well as other leftist sites which smeared the TEA movement claiming that the Kanes were associated with the movement. However, the writers that did this type of smearing have no proof for their contentions. From what I have been reading about the Kanes I believe that they fit best as both anarchists and leftist, rather than right wing. This also goes for the Southern Poverty Law Centre who had been following the Kanes and had tagged them as extreme right wing… thus the SPLC has also attempted to smear the TEA movement for the same reason.  Apparently the Kanes were not on the SPLC database, yet Mark Potok was still willing to smear the Patriot movement and the TEA movement.

What then are the facts that can be gleaned about the shootout? This link gives some graphic detail about the shooting murder of two police officers. The video on the side of the screen is from the dashboard of the police officer’s vehicle. As to the criticism that no shots are heard, I will state that the video is inside of the vehicle and that none of the conversation between the police officers and Jerry Kane was recorded. What I could tell from the video, is that the police stopped the car for an unknown reason. The police officer requested papers from Kane, and I assume that these were the car registration papers. There was obviously some kind of conversation going on. It is not clear that Kane threatened the officer, but what is clear is that Kane also said something to his son at one point.

A witness to the shooting stated that Jerry Kane pushed the police officer into the ditch. At this point Joseph Kane got out of the vehicle with the AK-47 and he began shooting. You can actually see him using the gun in the video as he got out of the car. However, the actual shooting of the police officer is not recorded. Joseph Kane did leave the car and move towards the ditch. He then returns to the car and waits for his father, who has grabbed the registration papers. As Jerry Kane takes off, Joseph Kane raises the AK-47 and leans out of the window, (this is seen on the video footage). He then fires the AK-47 at Evans, the other police officer who is also killed. Yes, you can see the movement of the AK-47 as Joseph Kane is firing. I have no doubt in my mind that the Kanes murdered the two police officers. There were no other parties involved at the scene of the first shoot-out. The second shoot-out occurred at the Walmart car-park. It ended with the wounding of two more police officers and the deaths of the Kanes.

A background check on Jerry Kane reveals that his last arrest was in New Mexico on April 10 where he was released on bail. Jerry Kane lived most of his life in Ohio, and the van which he was driving was registered to a New Vienna organization called House of God’s prayer. Joseph Kane never attended school and was home-schooled by his father (this gives home-schoolers a bad name).  The address used for the registration of the vehicle is one that is associated with a neo-Nazi cop-killer by the name or Ray Redfeairn. The group that met at the address were also associated with the KKK. (hmmm…. now that is hardly a right wing organization with its links to the DNC!!).  Jerry Kane traveled around the USA giving mortgage seminars called “Redemption” of mortgages.  There are sites that go into a bit of detail about these “mortgage” seminars. All I can say is that it looks like what he was teaching was based upon a scam. I do not want to link onto some of the sites and give them traffic since what they write is in my view slanderous towards a number of people, including Ron and Ran Paul, whom I do not support.

The sovereign citizens have little in common with the people involved with the TEA movement. In fact I would not call them right wing, but I would call them left wing. My dealings with people who promote RAP tells me that this movement is leftist, yet it is to the right of the Communists. They are also anti-Semitic which was brought out after the flotilla incident when the IDF soldiers were beaten by HRH terrorists on board that one Turkey registered boat. The anti-Semitic comments were appalling indicating that these people were either followers of LaRouche or followers of Ron Paul (Ron Paul is anti-Semitic).  This anti-Semitism is not in line with the regular TEA movement people.

As I learn more about the sovereign citizens I will write another post so that my readers become more aware of the existence of this particular extreme group. I will also attempt to write about the Restore America Plan as I find information that is not tainted by the extreme leftist bias of sites like Huffington Post and the Southern Poverty Law Centre. To date my exposure to RAP has come from some of the adherents who have been posting on some of the blogs that I read. My gut feel with regard to them and to what they seem to espouse is alarm. It seems that their leaders claim that they found a copy of the Constitution that has a different 14th Amendment, and therefore they disregard the real 14th amendment. What alarms me though, is that they seem to advocate the overthrow of government to replace it with a system to their liking. I cannot see any difference between their goals and those of the Progressive movement (the communists). Whilst some of their members might attend TEA movement demonstrations, there is still no evidence that RAP and sovereign citizens are a real part of the TEA movement.

In fact to the contrary, the leaders of the TEA movement are against big government, they are not against government. Being against big government simply means that government should stay out of health insurance and matters pertaining to personal health. It also means that government should not be spending money on “stimulus” programs and government should not be expanding the public sector. That in essence is a far cry from the things advocated by Jerry and Joseph Kane, as well as what is advocated by members of RAP and also those who see themselves as sovererign citizens.


9 responses to “Smearing the TEA movement Part 1

  1. Jennifer H July 20, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Great in depth article.

  2. Carmelo Junior July 21, 2010 at 5:45 am

    Nice post! Though I did not know tea was an achronysm for Taxed Enough Already. I though Tea was just for Tea bag from the Boston Tea Party.

    • Maggie July 21, 2010 at 5:30 pm

      Hi Carmelo, you are also correct in that there is a link back to the Boston Tea Party. The history behind the Boston Tea Party is that it was a protest against the British Government – the King of England – because of all of the taxes that were being imposed, including, if my memory is correct, a window tax. The people were furious about the imposition of all of these taxes which led to the rebellion in the first place… they dumped the tea because the King of England wanted to collect taxes on their importation of the tea.

      This is of course the connection to the TEA party. At the same time the TEA movement is using the initials of TEA to mean Taxed Enough Already. It is the same reasoning that led to that first revolt. The people are feeling overloaded by all of the taxes and in this case they are protesting against big government and the way in which the government is attempting to take over their lives.

  3. YTZ July 22, 2010 at 11:27 am

    Hi Maggie,
    I left a comment on the HB blog but it got whisked away by the WP Gremlins.
    I agree that this is a concerted effort on the part of the symphony of Progressives in Government and the Media to smear the TEA Party. Why? Because the TEA party is a genuine grassroots movement that is decentralized and therefore can not be controlled.

    For the first time, American citizens — in large numbers — are viewed by their own government as dangerous — because they question and challenge the state and the “status quo”.

    As I had commented on the HB site, most of these sites like the RAP site are actually fronts maintained by government agencies to “fish” for dissenters. The notorious bilious Hal Turner was in actuality, not a white Supremacist (well, maybe he is) but someone on the payroll of the FBI to troll for white Supremacist. That is the feeling that I get from many of these so-called “Patriot” websites. Anyone who labels themselves as “Guardian Elders” deserves to be viewed with cynicism. I mean, truly.

    The second arm of the growing rebellion that directly confronts the State as it exists, in addition to the TEA party, is the growth in the Homeschool movement and the repudiation of state-controlled education for young people. As the official state agenda continues to morph into and absorb more and more of the official Progressive agenda, parents unable to afford pricey private schools or are unable to access Charter school options, among other reasons, are turning to Homeschooling as an alternative. This directly confronts the ability of the State to control, manipulate and indoctrinate young, impressionable children into a worldview that is in keeping with the Progressive agenda. Several attempts to restrict/rescind the right of parents to homeschool has failed within the US, therefore, the second part of the plan must be to Alinsky them — identify, freeze, destroy. Aligning “homeschoolers” with any type of fringe element serves two purposes.

    • Maggie July 22, 2010 at 12:20 pm

      YTZ I am not convinced that RAP is a government front. I have seen evidence on Citizen Wells regarding the way that some of these people think. Jerry Kane was certainly involved in the movement. Just today a poster who goes by the name of J. Smith posted something regarding RAP that makes me shudder. Put it this way, these people act like they are Sede-Vacantists within the Roman Catholic Church. I am quite familiar with that group, and how they have declared their own Pope (there are 3 unofficial anti-Popes running around at the moment). Anyway it seems that RAP have declared a man by the name of Tim as President!! Can you believe that?

  4. Greg Young July 22, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    YTZ The move is to take our children into International law. Kagan the Supreme Court appointee favors this opinion and there is a treaty awaiting final signing that repeals parental rights and uses international law to do it. You can go to HSLDA web site for a link. Also we have been viewed as dangerous since Janet Reno was the Attorney General. I have some familiarity with the RAP movement and there are concerns from some that there maybe moles from the Government. The issue is who is telling the truth and how much can we believe. I find it interesting that many ex FBI, CIA and even Judges as well as graduates of such prestigious schools as MIT, Harvard Etc, with PHD’s are a part of this movement. Surely if it held no water such highly intelligent people with such great insight into the system would not be taken in by mere drivel? The foreclosure mess has lots of fraud associated with it including where did all the stimulus money go? O have seen accounting ledgers procured through QWR’s that show that the mortgage was paid off around the time that the stimulus money was released yet the foreclosure is proceeding with out abatement. Secondly having worked in and owned a collection agency I know that without a contract we could not enforce a debt yet that is what these banks are doing on people who held mortgages with defunct entities. My thought is that if the bank got paid which I do not know why they did but that is okay with me then the people who got loans from financial institutions that mismanaged their money and went belly up should get to keep their homes. Why not? It would sure reduce the stress on the economy? I mean they did not know the bank was going to go under but they did right? So let them have the house. The stimulus money has already gone out and frankly if a friend of mine got his house out of the deal then hey God bless him. Most of the folks being foreclosed on are folks that had loans with these bad banks anyway so to me it just makes sense.

    • YTZ July 23, 2010 at 1:19 am

      Greg, the communists have long stated that they have a long time line and want our children for indoctrination. There is nothing “hidden” about their Agenda. What bothers me is just how emboldened they feel lately — there is no pretense to hide their Agenda at all now.

      HSLDA has done some very good work, but there are extremists within their ranks as well, which is what has held me back from joining, even though the HS network associated with my husband’s parish are members.

    • Maggie July 23, 2010 at 6:48 am

      Greg, you raise many issues, but for the moment the mortgage issue is getting off the track with regard to the nature of this blog. If people do not continue paying their mortgages then yes they deserve to lose their homes. It sounds very harsh, but the reality is that one’s home is a possession for a time. I do think that there are many issues that have yet to be raised and it is not my purpose to raise them here.

      Now I do remember that Janet Reno went after the people who are homeschooling. In fact I distinctly remember when Reno came out with that gem about the homeschoolers and was quite shocked that they were being categorized in that way.

  5. YTZ July 23, 2010 at 1:16 am

    The long march towards collectivism is making lots of people lash out in unpredictable ways. We are in an ideological battle for individual freedom and liberty vs. collectivism. The Catholic church is on the front lines of that battle. Pope Benedict is a hero in my book. And to think, many people cynically thought he would be an ineffectual “place-holder” Pope.

    The fact that these people are declaring their own Popes and Presidents adds credence to your hypothesis that they trend Left, not right.

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