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Daily Archives: April 6, 2010

Was it suicide? Request for probe into Dr. David Kelly’s death

Shadow Justice Secretary backs call for inquiry into death of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly | Mail Online

Dr. David Kelly, the weapons inspector who first queried the continued existence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction was found slumped in his car. His death looked like it was suicide, and the coroner ruled the case as a suicide, however, there is a group of doctors who have been gathering evidence to show that this is not possible… that the artery that was slashed was too small for Kelly to have bled to death.

I think it is possible to conclude that Iraq had WMDs. In fact Saddam Hussein used those weapons against his own people. He was ordered to destroy the weapons, and the weapons inspectors were supposed to go in and check to make sure that they had been destroyed. What seems to have taken place is that Saddam Hussein either got rid of the WMDs by sending them across the border into Syria, or he had destroyed them and then pretended that they still existed.

When Saddam Hussein was captured he did admit that he had pretended to continue to have the weapons, as a protection against Iran… I can understand why he would have wanted to pretend to Iran that he had the weapons… as such I think that Saddam Hussein did in fact dupe the world about the existence of the weapons. He would not let the weapons inspectors into Iraq to check and make sure that the weapons had been destroyed.

If Dr. Kelly’s death was not a suicide after all, then what in fact happened? Was this a government hit?

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Animal tales of the moment

Micro-pig: The dog, the cat, and the six micro-pigs who share a home together | Mail Online

Having had the experience of a dog and cat that “slept together” and “ate together” well, what really happened is that the dog thought that she was mother to the kitten, I do like to read these animals stories. This one is no different because the dog, cat and micro pigs living together in harmony makes a great story.

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