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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Fun with Traffic Exchanges – The dawning of a new era?

As a newbie I am still making my way around the free traffic exchanges, joining this one, deleting that one, and trying to win surfing competitions. Some exchanges are manual only and others offer manual surf, auto surf as well as pay to click. The pay to click can be the offer of cash or it can be in the form of cash and credits.  Since the beginning of January there have been several new traffic exchanges, and I have been jumping aboard most of them. I have even had some success gaining new referrals. Some are offering a surfing competition, which is fun, and I have managed to win one of them to date, however, I do not like having my credits being sucked up because of surfing cheats. I will cover the topic of surfing cheats in another post, since I think that this is quite a serious matter.

The purpose of a traffic exchange is to help drive traffic to your website. If you are a blogger, then it helps to give your blog a high profile and almost guarantees a readership (until the TEs start taking over all your waking hours). If, on the other hand you want to establish a business and make money online, then the Traffic Exchange helps to give you ideas about what is available to someone who does not have a lot of capital in the first place.

Using a traffic exchange requires some work in surfing  pages daily in order to keep up the credits to your site. Most exchanges offer a credit ratio such as 3:1 or 2:1 for free members and as high as 1:2 for upgraded members. Another aspect of the Traffic Exchange is the promotion effort to bring in referrals. Usually you join more than 1 exchange so that you can promote the others according to the number of websites and banners allowed. The sites that offer paid to click do have an alternative for increasing credits, both manual and auto quickly. This is good when the credits have been running a bit low, the bandwidth is being chewed up and one ends up going over the limit, and one wants to keep the sites in rotation (except where the credit suckers are operating – why let them chew up all of the credits with their cheating).

This month has seen what is supposed to be the dawning of a new era in traffic exchanges with the launch of what is touted to be one of the top traffic exchanges.  This new exchange has been rolling out its launch, taking on members, and then bringing them together in groups and teams. What is so very different about Traffic Era is the concept of surfing in actual teams in order to win credits. There are several levels of membership, silver is for free members, or one can upgrade to Gold and Platinum. Upgrading is a monthly commitment and is not to be taken lightly if there is a lack of funds to cover this kind of upgrade.